Brake Lines, Brake Bolts, Brake Tubes and more. Tere are a s%$t-ton of things you just won’t find anywhere else. Did you just buy a new caliper to find out that they expect you to reuse your old nasty corroded banjo bolts?  The ones you just rounded off because the guy who owned the car before you didn’t take care of it? Here you will find every banjo bolt you could possible want. Need to fix a pinhole leak in your feed lines visit the Brake Tube page.

The Copper Nickel tube we sell is often REJECTED by brake shops because IT LASTS TOO LONG and eats into future business. Once you pick out your tube you’ll need some  Female Tube Nuts or Male Tube Nuts to go with it. If you’re fed up with that piece of junk flare tool you bought at the dollar store you can also get the best High Speed Flare Tool on the market today.

End Your Metric Search Today

You don’t have to suffer alone any more. Those weird metric fittings that someone made their way into your sort of American car can be sent right to you. Put down the bottle the search is over. Crawl under the toolbox and retrieve your metric wrench and vow never to fling it across the shop again. Use the links below as therapy and know that someone cares.